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For most people, the idea of being involved in a car accident is almost too distressing to think about.  But even worse than the accident itself is the aftermath, particularly of the unfortunate victim is left injured, disabled, or otherwise unable to work and bring home an income.

In this situation, the impact of an accident on a person’s life can extend to truly unthinkable proportions.  It is for this reason that the Road Accident Fund was established, which aims to provide monetary compensation for victims of road accidents over and above that paid out by insurance companies.

About us

Riaan de Wit Attorneys has more than 18 years’ experience in personal injury and motor accident claims against the Road Accident Fund, winning a large number of successes for our clients and obtaining the payments they need to move on with their lives after suffering an accident.

Headed up by Riaan de Wit, a qualified lawyer with over twenty years’ experience and backed by a dedicated team of professionals and outside expert consultants, we offer the kind of professional legal assistance you can depend on.

Requirements for making a claim

As enacted by the 1996 Act of Parliament, two requirements need to be met in a specific case in order for a legitimate claim to be made against the Road Accident Fund:

1: Quantum – This condition requires that the claimant be able to prove that he/she sustained an injury in a motor vehicle accident and subsequently received medical treatment.

In order to be eligible for a personal injury or loss of support claim, the victim must have died or sustained a serious injury such as brain damage, significant head trauma, paralysis, broken bones, or permanent scarring/disfigurement.

2: Merit – Under this condition, the claimant must be able to prove that he – did not cause the accident in other words, that the claimant is truly a blameless victim.  Compliance with this condition is usually met by means of a detailed assessment of the accident as carried out by an expert consultant.

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